Tomorrow’s CFOs –Transformational Leadership in the C-Suite

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AccountanChange Seminars discussed the growing importance of Chief Financial Officer (CFO) roles due to globalisation and business complexity.  The Seminars emphasized the need of increased expectation for CFOs to become business strategists. Equipped by technology advancement, the role of a CFO is now transforming.

"CFOs are required to direct the company accounting, ensure the financial information accuracy, and monitor the financial health of the company. However, the future candidates for CFO positions might experience a change in their conventional roles" said Harry Hoang - AccountantChange Seminar speaker.

According to Mr Hoang, Future CFOs will be expected to not only good at interpreting the numbers but also developing and supporting their companies’ business strategies. The CFO will become more progressive to act as the CEO’s right hand man, especially when it comes to strategic decision making.

The change in CFO role could not happen without the impact of technology. AccountantChange Seminars will continue discussing innovative technologies, which are disrupting and challenging the conventional definition of being a CFO. Technology is indeed the significant factor that is transforming the role of the CFOs.