About Us

Where Does AccountantChange Begin?

Tailored Accounts is a renowned accounting firm based in the heart of Canberra. We offer a range of accounting services including management, accounting and compliance tasks, business consulting advice, and cloud integration solutions. Over the years, Tailored Accounts has had the opportunity to work with more than 500 companies and not-for-profit organisations throughout Australia.

Our continued excellence can be attributed to our commitment to continuously improve the knowledge and skills of our staff. At Tailored Accounts, all employees receive a one-day training seminar at the end of each month. This program was designed to keep our accountants at the forefront of accounting skills and innovation whilst maximising their leadership and customer relations management.

In January 2017, the CEO of Tailored Accounts, Harry Hoang, initiated a new program, making the monthly training seminars available to university students and young professionals at Canberra. This decision stemmed from his conviction that students as well as those entering the industry, should have an informed as well as a realistic picture of the Accounting Industry, both now and in the future. The team at Tailored Accounts chose to name the training initiative 'AccountantChange', with the aim of helping students and young professionals explore the world of accounting both on a local and global scale.


So, what does an AccountantChange training session look like? 

AccountantChange is a one-day seminar held in each quarter. We invite speakers with specialised knowledge of the different areas of Accounting to conduct our workshops, teaching material ranging from leadership skills, technology proficiency, a variety of essential accounting software, and general skills that will improve your employability. These sessions will also discuss strategic decision-making, career advancement in accounting and business, the impact of artificial intelligence, and the future of the Accounting industry.

Throughout our years of running this program, AccountantChange has received a lot of support from universities, industrial leaders, and experts, both in Canberra and interstate. AccountantChange has welcomed many outstanding guest speakers as well as promotional supporters from both the business and academic community here in Canberra. These guest speakers and promotional supporters have enabled us to provide you with the most up-to-date and comprehensive industry insights from different perspectives.

So far, AccountantChange has welcomed hundreds of students from the Australian National University, University of Canberra, and other institutions.


What's on in AccountantChange?

  • Get ready to be an accountant — Tailored Accounts senior accountants and visiting experts will provide 3 hours of insightful technical training on all essential accounting topics such as Payroll, Bank Reconciliation, BAS & GST, Payment Summaries, Reporting, Setup & Conversion, Tax, Auditing, Restructuring, Financial Planning, and more!
  • What you should know as a future accountant —  Introduction to current changes in the accounting tools (Xero, Quickbooks etc.) and techniques (i.e. software & add-on landscaping).
  • How to have a successful accounting career — Guest speakers will share some career insights and provide advice on how to improve your people skills.


Why join AccountantChange?

  • Enhance your accounting knowledge and skills — Gain a better understanding of accounting procedures in a real working environment.
  • Access to insightful career advice and industry resources.
  • Gain an understanding of how technology will change the way future accountants work.
  • AccountantChange participants will be connected with like-minded and forward-thinking individuals.
  • Great opportunities to network with successful ANU and UC alumni as well as current ANU and UC accounting students.