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Finding a job in Canberra is never easy, especially for international students without actual work experience.

For graduates and students struggling with job-hunting in the Accounting and Finance fields, you may encounter issues extending from language barriers to a lack of technical skills, professional skills, or maybe networking opportunities. Universities in Canberra have been trying hard to address those issues by providing students with employability workshops and career consultations. However, students need more resources and help to improve their competitiveness. The goal of our AccountantChange Training Program is to help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge, preparing you for an exciting and rewarding career!

Launching in January 2017, the AccountantChange Training Program has been around for over half a decade. Our members are mostly domestic and international students based in Canberra. But this program is not just for business students. All undergraduate, postgraduate students and even recent graduates interested in expanding their understanding of Accounting and Finance are welcome.


The AccountantChange Training Program is perfect for students and recent graduates who are...
  • Getting ready to be an accountant or interested in finding accounting-related work;
  • Interested in learning about the current changes in accounting tools (Xero & QuickBooks);
  • Wishing to expand their repertoire of accounting techniques and employability skills;
  • Looking for help with their job-hunting process.

If you are new to AccountantChange, please check out our past contents below and stay tuned for updates on our next Training Day!



Below are the success stories of two of our AccountantChange participants– Sanjay and Bryan. Both of them are wonderful examples of international students who have managed to overcome many career challenges and obstacles to find their first jobs thanks to the skills and knowledge they acquired from our AccountantChange program.

Sanjay's story:

Bryan's story: