Accounting Students Land Jobs Through AccountantChange

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A key reason for Tailored Accounts's continued excellence is its commitment to continuously update our staff's knowledge and skill. At Tailored Accounts, all employees receive a one-day training seminar at the end of each month. This program is designed to keep accountants on the forefront of accounting skill and innovation, whilst maximising their leadership and customer relations management.

However, in the job market, employers often feedback that it is difficult to recruit an graduate accountant who could possess a desired set of  skills. Realising the unmatched gap, Harry and his colleague initiated a new program where their monthly training seminars were available to university students as well. In January 2017, the team at Tailored Accounts chose to name the training initiative' AccountantChange #2020', designed to help students explore the world of accounting both locally and on a global scale.

AccountantChange #2020 is a one-day seminar held in each quarter, including many speakers and workshops teaching leadership, technology, accounting software and skills. The sessions discuss strategic decision making, career advancement in accounting and business, artificial intelligence and its impacts on future of accounting industry.

AccountantChange #2020 has received a lot of support from universities, industrial bodies and experts, both in Canberra and interstate. To date, AccountantChange #2020 has welcomed 8 outstanding guest speakers as well as promotional sponsors from the business and academic community in Canberra. So far, AccountantChange #2020 has welcomed 110 students from the Australian National University, University of Canberra, and other institutions. The feedback speaks for itself; below are just a few testimonials from students.

"I was lucky enough to attend the AccountantChange #2020 program on 29 Sep 2017. It is a really helpful and meaningful event and I was attracted by your friendly team and working atmosphere" - Rui Li, 1st and 2nd and 3rd Seminar Attendee.

"I think AccountantChange #2020 presented me a good opportunity to realise how change matters for the Accounting industry" - Yadav Ayyar, 2nd Seminar Attendee.

"AccountantChange #2020 has given me the career pathway in becoming a Tailored Accounts intern" - Mary Pham, 1st Seminar Attendee, current Tailored Accounts team member.

Tailored Accounts has invested 450 hours of effort and more than $40,000 to create the format and content of AccountantChange #2020 seminars. Tailored Accounts team will continue enrich the program to benefit students, not only in Canberra but also from other states. The next Seminar will be in December 2017, and Tailored Accounts is looking forward to bringing universities and industries together to benefit Australian students and recent graduates.